Everyone has tons of questions about puberty. I am sure even you would be wanting to know about this change.

Whether you are just starting to notice the changes of puberty or they have been happening for a while, this guide will give you tools to talk to your doctor and your parents about what is going on inside your body! You will also find some ideas for coping with the “weird” changes you are experiencing.

HOW IT WORKS? So what exactly is puberty? It is the time in your life when your body changes from a boy into a young man. It usually begins between the ages 10 and 15 and ends when you are 19 or older, but EVERY BOY IS DIFFERENT. You may start puberty sooner or later than your friends.

Puberty begins when your body releases hormones that cause you to physically mature and start making sperm, so you can possibly make a baby someday. First, your brain sends a hormone to your testicles telling them to begin making another hormone called testosterone. These hormones trigger a wide range of physical and emotional changes that make up puberty.


Stage 1 : • You get taller and gain weight. • Your testicles get bigger, and your scrotum gets darker and hangs lower. • You start to grow underarm and pubic hair, and more leg hair.

Stage 2 to 3 : • You keep getting taller and gaining weight. • Your penis, testicles and scrotum grow. • Your pubic hair gets darker, thicker and curlier, and your leg and underarm hair grows more. • Your muscles get bigger, and your shoulders broaden • Your nipples may be swollen and tender. • Your sweat and oil glands become active, causing acne and body odor.

Stage 4 : • You’re physically an adult man. • Hair may grow on your face and chest.



ALL ABOUT ‘DOWN THERE’ : A lot of changes happen in your pubic area during puberty. You will grow pubic hair, your penis will get longer and then wider, and your testicles will get bigger. Your testicles may be uneven-but this is normal. Lots of boys have one testicle that’s lower than the other. And remember, there is no standard of how a penis should look. Everyone’s is different.

Getting Erections : Your penis is erect when it gets hard and stiff. Usually you’ll get an erection when you are having sexual thoughts or feelings, but sometimes it happens on it is own for no reason, like during a classroom session. You can wear long shirts, or use books or magazines to cover unexpected erections. They usually go away quickly. Once puberty is over, you will have more control over when you get erections. Some boys have several erections a day, while other don’t have any. You do not need to worry about your erections unless they hurt or become uncomfortable. If this happens, please talk to your doctor.

Sometimes ERECTIONS lead to EJACULATIONS. This happens when semen (fluid with sperms) comes out of your penis. It leaves your body through the urethra, the same place where urine comes out. A WET DREAM IS WHEN YOU EJACULATE DURING THE SLEEP. USUALLY THIS HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE DREAMING ABOUT SEXUAL SITUATIONS OR IMAGES. TRY NOT TO BE EMBARRASED – THEY ARE A NORMAL PART OF PUBERTY AND WILL STOP AS YOU GET OLDER.

WHAT IS NORMAL?? So many changes happen during puberty that you may wonder, “Is This Normal?” Here are some common examples: ALL THE GIRLS IN MY CLASS ARE TALLER THAN ME. Girls start puberty first, but boys usually catch up a few years later. How tall you are also depends on the height of your family members.

A LOT OF GUYS AT SCHOOL HAVE BIGGER MUSCLES THAN ME. Everyone is built differently, and some of your classmates may simply have started puberty before you.

MY VOICE IS CRACKING. Usually, your voice deepens during puberty, and it may crack as it changes. During this process, your voice box gets bigger and causes a bump on your neck called an Adam’s Apple. I’M NOTICING BREAST CHANGES. About half of all boys notice breast tissue growth during puberty. Don’t worry, these aren’t breasts like girls have, and they will eventually go away. You may also notice some tenderness in the area.


Talk to your mom or dad. Remember your parents went through puberty , too. Make a plan to do something with just you and your mom or dad like going out to eat or for a walk. Use this time to talk to them about what you’re going through, or tell them about something happening to a friend. You could even ask them what they experienced at your age.


“I was nervous but I feel better after talking to my dad.”


WHAT CAN YOU DO? To cope with the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty, try these simple steps.

THINK ABOUT HYGIENE. Puberty hormones affect glands in your skin that can make sweat smell bad. Shower daily, and use an underarm deodorant or anti perspirant!

BE PATIENT WITH YOUR EMOTIONS.Puberty hormones don’t just affect your body- they affect your mind, too. You might feel confused about who you are or worried about your appearance. You might get upset easily or lose your temper. Exercise to improve your mood. Even a short walk every day can help you feel better. If you feel worried, stressed or sad, talk to your parents about seeing a counselor.


TALK ABOUT SEX. You might face a sexual situation sooner than you expect. And having sex can lead to things like getting a sexually transmitted disease or becoming a dad. Talk to your parents now about your family’s values and what you should do. Let your parents help you make smart choices about when to have sex. And if you are already having sex, talk to your partner about birth control, and ALWAYS USE A CONDOM.

FOLLOW A SKIN CARE ROUTINE. Puberty hormones cause your skin to make more oil, which can clog your pores and lead to acne. You can get acne on your face, upper back or chest. Use a gentle , nightly skin cleanser to help prevent breakouts. Remember not to pick at or pop pimples-this can cause scarring. Talk to your pediatrician about a skin care routine that’s right for you.

LEARN TO SHAVE PROPERLY. Puberty might cause hair to grow on your face. If you need or want to shave your face, talk to your parents or an adult you trust. Ask them to show you how. Always use clean razor, water and shaving cream/gel while shaving. Make short and light strokes in the same direction your hair grows. Take your time, and don’t cut yourself.


Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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